About the plugin

This plugin provides integrated navigation for your website. Thus you can use WordPress as a CMS for your website and think in terms of main navigation, sub navigation etc. There will be no difference between sites and categories anymore – one of the deficits of WordPress that motivated me to write this plugin.

But there are a lot more features provided:

  • Use other kinds of pages: categories, external urls or a sitemap.
  • Let pages have no content and, when selected, the first child page will be displayed,

Furthermore, there are a lot of helpful methods you can use to handle your navigation:

  • Search for nodes by id, name or type.
  • Find out if a node is the current node or a parent of the current node. This is helpful if you want to enrich these nodes with additional stylesheets.
  • Define links between pages very comfortably.

See the examples on the next pages to learn more about the plugin. There is also a documentation provided including phpDoc.

Have a lot of fun!

9 Responses to “About the plugin”

  1. Mélodie says:


    A few plugins nowadays don’t resist the test of activating debug mode, and unfortunately, an error message appears on top of the blog when I activate this one. Here is the message:

    Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference in /var/www/html/melodie/wp-content/plugins/navigation-du-lapin-blanc/navigation-du-lapin-blanc.php on line 142


    I test on a local install, of course.

    Maybe would you be willing to try to see if you can fix it ?

    Happy end of year, and happy New Year !

  2. Martin says:


    great tool. It works very well allthough I’m only testing it at the moment.

    Just one problem I’ve got: when I call my testsite in the browser, I get at first the index.php with no pagecontent and all the blogstuff I deletetd from the pages-template.

    What must I do, to get the first page of my content and not the index-page?

    Maybe it’s simple to solve, but I’m not able.
    Thanks for your help.


  3. Martin says:


    the problem is solved. I’m a stupid.
    I’ve forgot to define my wellcome page as the starting page.


  4. admin says:

    Hi Martin!

    Just go in the administration area to the page Setting -> Reading. There you can select a static front page which is displayed when you call the index.php url without parameters.


  5. admin says:

    @Mélodie: Sorry for the late answer. I have already found the solution, but I don’t want to release a new version without new features. I will bring out a new version soon, but I can’t tell you a concrete date.

    Thanks for the comment and your help

  6. 网上兼职 says:

    hello,this pluges is good ,but how to use this pluges?

  7. admin says:

    In the section ‘Tutorial / Examples’ on this page I explain how to use the plugin. I hope this will help you. If there is something not quite clear or if you had ideas how to explain something better let me know.

  8. Robert says:

    On the screenshot page you say, that there are many screenshots on your homepage itself. This is simply not true. You waste my time while surfing on your page and trying to get hold of screenhots on your plugin.

    I highly appreciate the idea and the spirit and thank you very much for your engagement to the scene, but please, pretty please, realize – a picture expresses more than a 1000 words.

    You know, there are thousands of WP plugins. The first aim is to get a rough idea, what the plugin does. Not more, not less. A picture helps to solve this question. Understood?!

  9. admin says:

    Hello Robert!

    The plugin has no own administration area. It uses only core functionality of WordPress. There are screenshots how to configure WordPress to work with the plugin on several tutorial pages. There are also a lot of code examples.


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