About the plugin

This plugin provides integrated navigation for your website. Thus you can use WordPress as a CMS for your website and think in terms of main navigation, sub navigation etc. There will be no difference between sites and categories anymore – one of the deficits of WordPress that motivated me to write this plugin.

But there are a lot more features provided:

  • Use other kinds of pages: categories, external urls or a sitemap.
  • Let pages have no content and, when selected, the first child page will be displayed,

Furthermore, there are a lot of helpful methods you can use to handle your navigation:

  • Search for nodes by id, name or type.
  • Find out if a node is the current node or a parent of the current node. This is helpful if you want to enrich these nodes with additional stylesheets.
  • Define links between pages very comfortably.

See the examples on the next pages to learn more about the plugin. There is also a documentation provided including phpDoc.

Have a lot of fun!

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